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  • Gain knowledge of major systems, appliances and fixtures.
  • Learn maintenance schedules and tips.
  • Better understand the items that will be outlined in the written report.
  • Ask questions of the inspector.
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Inspection Tips

Follow These Tips When Getting A Home Inspection:

  • If the home is vacant, confirm that the seller will have all utilities on and supplied throughout the home during the inspection.
  • Attend the inspection, if possible. Inspections typically last 2-3 hours.
    This is your opportunity to:

  • Be sure you understand all conditions identified in the inspection report and that problems have been resolved to your satisfaction before closing.
  • If you have further concerns or questions about the roof or other major systems, please have a specialist in that area conduct a more extensive examination.
  • If you have any questions regarding your inspection or report, please contact your inspector.
  • Understand that not every defect can be seen during an inspection, we are limited only to what we can see or touch. We cannot pull walls down move large furnishing or see through them.
  • After the purchase of a home keep up to date on home maintenance. Small items put off or ignored can cause big problems down the road

Reports are emailed within 24 hrs.